Help Your Loved Ones After You’ve Gone With Once I’ve Gone

We recently partnered with the wonderful people at Once I’ve Gone – more on this in the New Year – take a look at the following post for an idea of the amazing work they are doing…

The first anniversary of important life events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas etc., following the death of a loved one can be particularly harrowing for those left behind. With this in mind ‘Once I’ve Gone’ ( offers a FREE online service to help members to support their loved ones in coping with the emotions of bereavement once they have gone

The ‘Once I’ve Gone’ website allows members to leave a private personal message or video which can be accessed by their loved ones at any time following the members passing.  Whilst nothing can fill the painful void of a loved one who has passed away having access to a personal message, particularly at a time of celebration, will undoubtedly bring a degree of comfort to those left behind.  Leaving a special message for your loved ones is a very thoughtful way to support them and to help them to celebrate your life and remember happy memories.

Although ‘Once I’ve Gone’ is a new online service, leaving personal messages to be received after the loss of loved ones isn’t a new concept. More recently, comedian Billy Connelly announced that since his diagnosis with cancer and Parkinson’s disease, he has been writing letters to his grandchildren, to be read after his passing, as the world ‘astounded’ him. Connelly commented: “I still write with a fountain pen. I’ve been writing to my grandchildren since they were born, long before they could read.”

Membership of is free of charge and the website is appealing to a myriad of individuals looking to get their affairs in order now, allowing them to make the most of their time with loved ones. ‘Once I’ve Gone’ founder, Ian Dibb, created the concept behind the service following the loss of his mother – an event Ian found particularly difficult to deal with emotionally and practically, especially locating his mother’s will and other legal documents and ensuring her wishes were followed.

Ian comments: “Once I’ve Gone allows you the opportunity to record in writing or on video all those things that you would like to say to your loved ones so that they will always know how much you loved and appreciated them.  Storing that message on will ensure that the message is safe and secure for the time when your loved ones wish to access it. What better way to help them cope during that difficult first Christmas, birthday or wedding anniversary than by leaving a personalised message.”

Whilst often a very difficult and sensitive subject to discuss with family members, what happens following the loss of a loved one is often a source of painful worry and anxiety for all involved. This new one stop service by ‘Once I’ve Gone’ offers a range of features to remove the difficulty of end-of-life-planning, from an already distressing period as well as final farewell messages.  Members can securely store their will or legal documents, leave a record of their funeral wishes such as the way they would like their funeral service to be, from favourite songs, hymns, and readings to dress code, and even their final resting place.

‘Once I’ve Gone’ partner with a number of end of life planning providers and have recently joined forces with Future legal Services.  Ian Dibb comments upon this new partnership: “We are delighted to partner with Future Legal Services whose friendly and highly experienced team are helping to change the way people are looking at end-of-life planning. They really are a one stop shop for all estate planning services”

For more information about the service provided by ‘Once I’ve Gone’ or to find out about how to leave a final farewell message, please visit

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