Why writing your Will is actually no big deal

Ok, so we know that writing your Will is probably not top of your to-do list… in fact it’s possibly something that you’ve been putting off for many years. If you have, you’re in good company. There are millions of us in the UK thinking about writing our Will but, just not…. doing it.

We know what happens you mention writing a Will. A pinball starts pinging around in your brain. Agghhhhh the expense, Solicitors, legal papers, time out of the office, where are all the finances, we are DEFINITELY going to die right away if we write a Will… It’s too much to deal with, let’s put a pin it and come back to it in a couple of months. Maybe.

I’ve written many times about the implications of dying without a Will – you can find rules of Intestacy here – but, in a nut shell it’s far easier and CHEAPER to wrap up an estate when there is a Will in place. In fact, only with a professionally drafted Will can you be sure that what you want to happen will happen. It’s really not something that you can leave until the last minute because… well, who knows when that last minute will be?

You are NEVER too young to have a Will

We need to stop thinking that Wills are just for old people. They’re not. At any stage of your life there are a myriad of reasons that make it imperative for you to put a Will in place. Think about it this way… a Will protects what is precious to you. If you are the keeper of young children, own a property, live with a partner but are not married, have children outside of your current marriage, whatever… A Will allows you to make specific provisions to ensure everyone is looked after the way that you would want them to be. Not a morbid document of death more a plan to safeguard the future of everyone and everything that is important to you. A kind of insurance for when you’re not here any more. It really is a no brainer, right?

So, ignore the pinball. Don’t think of it as questioning your own mortality because, spoiler… we are all going to die. Face it head on and you’ll be surprised at how painless a process it is. In fact, 10,000+ Wills later and we’ve the whole thing down to taking just over an hour (of the life you have left!) and, you won’t need any paperwork. Seriously.

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