Why should I make a Will?

By making a Will you decide who will inherit from your estate and how much they receive. Making a Will clarifies your wishes and can help to reduce estate administration fees.

What happens if I die without a Will?

You will be deemed to have died ‘intestate’ meaning your estate will be divided as per the rules of the land and not necessarily as you would have wanted.

Do I need to appoint guardians for my children?

Yes. If you should die without a Will and fail to designate a Guardian, the Courts will decide who takes care of your children (under the age of 18). The Courts do not know your children and therefore will not have an understanding of your wishes so grand parents or close family members are not always an automatic choice.

I am in a civil partnership does this affect things?

No, civil partners are treated exactly the same way as heterosexual married couples.

What is probate?

“The legal procedure to establish that a Will and codicil are genuine and valid, and is evidence that executors have the authority to carry out the terms of the Will.”

Probate is an official form that gives the executors of the Will the right to deal with your assets and property. It acts as proof that your executors have the authority they need to handle your estate.

How can I pay for my Will?

We accept cash,cheques or credit/debit cards and receipts will be provided at time of payment.

How much do we charge?

We currently charge just £150 inc vat for standard single Wills.

I have a disabled beneficiary so how can I protect him/her?

Disabled beneficiaries can be protected with a ‘disabled trust’. This means that the gift received does not replace state or local authority funding of the disabled beneficiary’s basic care and support.

How long does it all take?

We aim to return your Will/s within 1 calendar month of your consultation. You will receive an original and a copy for your own records.

Who checks the signing of the Will/s?

Once you have received your Will/s you need to correctly sign, date and witness them as quickly as possible. Guidance notes are provided for you. Once completed you may return them to us to check that the ‘attestation’ has been done correctly.

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