Pre-paid funeral plans

How much do you think the average cost of a funeral is?

Dying is an expensive business. With the average funeral (cremation) costing around £5,000 upwards, burials cost considerably more and prices are rising year on year.

For this reason, pre-paid funeral plans* are becoming increasingly popular. Allowing you to pay and organise your funeral at today’s prices.

  • Avoid placing unnecessary financial burden and emotional stress on your loved ones
  • Give you peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of
  • Ensure you have your funeral your way, not dictated by budget
  • Guarantee your funeral at today’s prices
  • Protect you and your family from spiralling costs

Future Legal Services offer the most comprehensive and cost effective pre-paid funeral plans on the market.

*All monies invested in a plan are securely held in trust so no risks are involved

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