Sean Hughes wanted to be mentioned on the news. He certainly was.

This week’s sad and untimely passing of Sean Hughes has seen many tributes published both online and in the press.

Many have taken to social media to share their thoughts – both comedians that were lucky enough to work with him and from the general public who were lucky enough to have enjoyed his comedy -including me. He leaves behind an impressive and hilarious legacy of work. But there is one, incredibly poignant poem, written by Sean Hughes 24 years ago in which he shares what he wants to happen after his death…

Death by Sean Hughes

I want to be cremated
I know how boring funerals can be
I want people to gather
meet new people
have a laugh, a dance, meet a loved one.
I want people to have free drink all night.
I want people to patch together, half truths.
I want people to contradict each other
I want them to say ‘I didn’t know him but cheers’
I want my parents there,
adding more pain to their life.
I want the Guardian to mis-sprint three lines about me
or to be mentioned on the news
Just before the ‘parrot who loves Brookside’ story.
I want to have my ashes scattered in a bar,
on the floor, mingle with sawdust,
a bar where beautiful trendy people
Will trample over me… again

Taken from Sean’s Book by Sean Hughes, published by Pavilion Books

These words, bittersweet in the wake of losing such a talent – he was after all the youngest winner of the Edinburgh Festival’s Perrier Award aged just 24, resonate with so many of us. Funerals should be a celebration of a life lived and Sean Hughes certainly lived his.

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