Lasting Power of Attorney Fee Refund scheme

BREAKING: Government announces the launch of Lasting Power of Attorney fee refund scheme. Are you due a refund?

Those that registered a Lasting Power of Attorney between April 2013 and March 2017, in England or Wales may have been charged more than necessary and could be due a refund of up to £54. The Ministry of Justice reports that 1.7 million applicants may be affected but due to some registering more than one LPA, an accurate number of those due a Lasting Power of Attorney fee refund is not clear as yet.

It’s not often that the Government gives us money back so, should you have registered your LPA between the above dates it’s really worth checking if you have some money coming back to you. Click here to find out if you can claim a refund:

Why is the money being refunded?
When you register an LPA you are charged a registration fee paid to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) – the level of this fee is set by the Ministry of Justice. While the operating costs of the OPG decreased between 2013-17 the fee remained unchanged and the Government is now repaying some of this money. This reduction in operational costs at the OPG has since been reflected in the LPA fee which, on the 1st of April, was reduced from £110 to £82. A significant saving.

How much can you claim?
Your level of compensation is dependant on when you registered your LPA and ranges from £54-37 – you can check here. If you paid a reduced fee you will receive half the refund.

How to claim
One claim per Donor, even if you have multiple LPAs. Either the Donor or Attorney may make the claim, the funds, however, will be paid to the attorney. You can claim if the LPA has been used or even if the Donor has since passed away.

You can make your claim online here or call the OPG helpline on 0300 456 0300 selecting option 6.

Need an LPA?
If you are unsure what an LPA is or would like more information on how to put one in place please contact us on 01322 664885 or email 

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