QUIZ – What would happen to your estate if you died without a Will?

We all know that if we died without a Will our estate will be shared out in accordance with the Governments prescribed rules of intestacy. But, in reality what does that really mean?

If you are married and have children it’s pretty simple BUT…. if you have a partner and are not married you might be surprised to learn where your money could end up.

Why not take our short interactive quiz to see what actually would happen (in your current circumstances), to your estate if you died without a Will. Then take it again pretending to be someone completely different, and then again, and then…

Take our quiz and learn what would happen to your estate if you died without a Will


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No data is collected from you. You are not required to provide any personal information or contact details. It’s a just a little bit of clicky fun!

If you died without a Will you’re essentially relinquishing control of your assets. The only way to protect them and to control who benefits is to write your Will. Talk to us today about putting the correct plans in place to ensure your estate is shared out the way you would want it to be – 01322 664885.

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