Funeral Plans – Can you afford to die?

You’re probably thinking; does it really matter, it’s going to happen anyway. You’re right of course. Death, like taxes, is one of life’s certainties and happens whether you like it or not. Sometimes when you’re least expecting it, which can be a bit inconvenient. But, with the cost of funerals rising far in excess of inflation is it now time to think about pre paid funeral plans…

It’s not the ACTUAL dying bit that’s expensive. That’s the free gift we all get at the end of our lives. Do not pass go, do not collect your £200, that’s all folks, The End. It’s the bit that comes after that costs and, costs BIG.

Funerals are a lucrative business to be in and, with an ageing population like ours – it’s predicted that by 2030 that there will be over 20 million over 60’s living in the UK – it’s an industry that’s on the up. The average cremation will currently set you back around £3,500 but, as the cost of funerals are rising far in excess of inflation, by 2029 that figure could break the £10,000* mark. Seriously. It’s an eye wateringly obscene amount of money isn’t it.

If you died tomorrow and, please don’t, but if you did, could your family raise what is a significant sum at, relatively short notice? Or, wouldn’t it just be better if you had already made all the decisions AND paid for everything up front? We think so too… Enter Pre-Paid Funeral Plans.

Why pre paid funeral plans?

No one likes to think about their own funeral, we’re all invincible in our own minds but, with funeral costs set to spiral pre-paid funeral plans actually make pretty solid financial sense. Without one in place your loved ones will have to dig deep to find the funds – piling on emotional stress and financial burden at what will be already be a difficult time. We all want to protect our loved ones as best we can and if pre-paid funerals plan can shield them from ANY unnecessary distress then I’m all for it. You get the peace of mind knowing you’ve done all you can and your funeral is secured at today’s prices. Is there a downside?

If you’ve already written your Will then you understand the importance of putting plans in place to protect your family and assets now, for what might happen any number of years in the future, (if you haven’t, seriously you need a Will) – but, you probably haven’t you made provisions for funeral costs? Like a Will a pre-paid funeral plan should simply be part of everyone’s end of life plan and really should be your next purchase.

Future Legal Services offer the most comprehensive and cost effective pre-paid funeral plans on the market and, with FIVE plans to choose from there is sure to be something to suit your taste and budget. PLUS, while most companies will charge an admin fee, our plans are transferrable at NO COST – which means you can use yours for you, your spouse, your parents or any one of your loved ones**.

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*Sun Life cost of dying report 2013

**T&Cs apply

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