Don’t let your tattoo die with you

As you know here at Future Legal Services we are quite partial to a bit of the weird and wonderful. In fact the more weird and the more wonderful the better as far as we are concerned. So, when this story came across our desks this week we had to share it with you. We’ve written about slighty odd things to do with your ashes, alternatives to traditional cremations or burials and ecological ways to departure this mortal coil already. But, a new company in the US –  Save My Ink takes post mortem preservation a step further – Your Tattoo can now live forever…!

Ever thought, ‘What will happen to my tattoos when I die?’ No, nor have we…

As the name suggests Save My Ink are the worlds first tattoo preservation specialists. For a fee they will slice off, embalm and mount your chosen tattoo or tattoos which, will then be given to a lucky benefactor who can then display it as they see fit, if they see fit. Jame Gumb would have been in his element…

There’s no denying that perceptions of tattoos and tattooing have completely changed. Once considered the preserve of Sailors and Convicts it’s now viewed by some as legitimate art form, there’s no denying the artistry and skill involved. It’s very easy to be a bad tattooist but another thing altogether to be a great one. Everyone seems to have one these days, my Doctor has a full sleeve and even my Mother has been eyeing one up. Well, it’s either a tattoo or the artist that’s caught her fancy. Tattoos are now a part of contemporary culture and have been accepted as much. So much so, that some Police forces are now allowing visible artwork.

But, for some their tattoos are a passion that they have spent their adult life collecting.  Done well by respected artists tattoos can be breathtaking, costing thousands of pounds and, not to mention hours of pain I can understand why someone would want to preserve their most best pieces. It is a bit icky though.. here’s some skin we’ve been left, be a love and pop it in a frame and put it in the downstairs loo.

So, how do you go about preserving a tattoo for posterity?

Charles Hamm founder of the Cleveland-based National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art says that he created the service “so that your story, your spirit, and your legacy can live on, for generations to come.” For a $115  joining fee plus an annual fee of $60 Save My Ink  Members can register one tattoo “roughly the size of a chest piece” for post-mortem preservation. If the piece is partiuclary big or you would like to register more tattoos they will cost you a $100 a throw.

And, if you were questioning the legitimacy of the procedure it has in fact been tested by the man himself. Mr Hamm didn’t die for his art but, following a significant, 100lb weight loss he had the loose skin tattooed, removed and preserved. As you do. But, it worked and Save My Ink was born To date they have preserved 21 tattoos and now have a full time embalmer on staff (who doesn’t right!).

So, if you fancy having your tattoo sliced off, embalmed and presented to a loved one, you can. What a time to be alive.

Save My Ink the community for Tattoo artists
Save My Ink also serves as an online community for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. You can search for tattooists in your local area, view some utterly amazing portfolios and discuss the industry which brings me nicely to my next, tacked on to the end, slightly off topic but interesting nonetheless paragraph…

If you’ve seen Hangover II (if you haven’t…. I wouldn’t lose any sleep!) you may remember the fake tattoo on Ed Helms’ face which, strikes more than a passing resemblance to that which is permanently inked on Mike Tyson’s face. The artist responsible for Mr Tyson’s ink, S. Victor Whitmill, obviously understanding the value of his work took the prudent step and copyrighted the design. He then took Warner Bros Studios to court as they used the tattoo in the film without permission. It’s reported that they settled ‘amicably’ but no details of the deal have ever been released but we should imagine S. Victor Whitmill is a very happy bunny.


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