Braille Will service just launched

Following a number of requests from clients we are delighted to announce the launch of our new braille Will service.

There is no doubt that braille changes lives. From using the telephone to reading your bank statement braille gives thousands of blind people a level of independence and privacy they may not otherwise have. Your Will is essentially the most important AND the most personal document you’ll ever write. In fact, many people keep the details of their Wills private until they have passed away. So for those who cannot access print, they will need to rely on others to read the documentation for them. Which means they have no choice but to share means sharing very personal financial details that they may not wish the other party to be privy too.

Retain control of personal information

However, by providing a braille Will we are allowing people to retain control of their personal information by giving them the opportunity to read their last Will and testament for themselves. Hopefully giving the testator an extra layer of security that, yes this is correct and does say what I want to happen. Also, we hope that by offering this service will take steps in making the Will writing process less daunting and more accessible for everyone.

But isn’t a braille Will advised against?

Fraud is always possible with a Will whether it’s in braille or not. However, some organisations do warn against taking your Will in this format as it is very is easy to tamper with. Simply adding or removing a few dots can change the meaning or it can very easily be defaced, rendering the Will void and, the testator would be considered as having died intestate ie with no Will in place.

That’s why, for security, our Braille package includes two copies of the Will in both braille and in print. The printed version of the Will is the official, signed, version and the braille Will for informational purposes only. The testator will keep a copy of each in a safe place and we, Future Legal Services, will bind the printed and braille versions together and store them in our secure storage facility. Therefore, should there be any doubt in the Wills validity there is a copy that can be submitted to the probate office without question. We will also provide you with a braille copy of our consumer agreement.

Find out more about our braille Will service

If you would like to find out more about our braille Will service please call us on 01322 664885 or email

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